Golden Pond 67

Platinum Group, Base Metal Recovery And Analytical Services

Who We Are

Golden Pond 67 is a Black Economically Empowered privately owned company founded in 2004.The company was founded to exploit opportunities identified in the fields of recovering metal values from waste streams and the production of specialized metal chemicals. The success achieved to date in these fields has been made possible by the extensive knowledge of the founders in the field of minerals and metals processing, comprised not only of formal education but some 80 years combined technical and administrative experience making Golden Pond 67 the undisputed leader in the field.

The culture within the company can best be described as entrepreneurial, energetic innovative and performance driven. The company has a passion for learning from every-and anywhere. It is this learning and action driven culture which together with a considerable amount of propriety knowhow and experience within the company that affords us our competitive advantage.

Golden Pond 67 (Pty) Ltd