We are face today with many environmental challenges, where industry must take the initiative to ensure the sustainability of supporting resources toward its operation. Golden Pond recognizes these challenges and part of its ongoing mineral processing operations has implemented numerous measures to ensure the sustainability of its recourses.


Reverse Osmosis:

Waste water reuse from industrial effluent treatment has paramount importance due to water scarcity, environmental impact and the financial costs associated with effluent removal. The treatment of waste water generated from mineral processing provides a challenge. This, in large part, is due to high concentrations of silica, heavy metals, sulphate ions and other contaminants which fluctuate depending on the process. 

Golden Pond 67 makes use of state-of-the-art reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technologies for its waste water treatment and reuse. The RO process makes deionization (removing salts from effluent) possible and is also one of the very few ways in which certain minerals or chemicals can be removed out of solution.

The RO water purification technology makes use of semipermeable membranes. High pressure allows chemical concentrations to overcome osmotic pressures and subsequently may be removed from the solution. The water in the effluent is passes freely through the membranes while heavy metals and other contaminants are obstructed by the membrane. By making use of the efficient  RO application Golden Pond 67 can reuse the water generated by its effluent generating processes.



 Reagent Recovery:

Golden Pond 67 was founded to exploit opportunities identified in the fields of recovering metal values from waste and complex materials and the production of specialized metal chemicals. Golden Pond 67 takes advantage of its Electro-Winning plant in order to recover metal species from effluent waste materials. Metal compounds that are generated may also be reintroduced into other processes as reagents. Additionally, removal of different metal compounds allows the solution to be reused in processes.



 Resource Utilization:

South Africa faces many energy challenges such as power outages as demand for energy continues to increase. Golden Pond recognizes these challenges and have examined the need to reduce energy consumption by eliminating the use of non-essential power and thereby adding economic value to the industry and aiding local power utilities whiles still maintaining normal production levels.