Skills Development

    We operate an in-house course room and offer courses to all employees geared specifically towards matters relating to safety in the workplace, the development of managerial and life improvement skills. Where and when appropriate to the company’s requirements, employees are also enrolled in courses offered by external concerns.



    One of the specific aims of the founders of Golden Pond 67 was to impart knowledge and experience gained in the fields of hydro- and pyro-metallurgy and analytical chemistry to a new generation. Each of the senior managers is therefore tasked with not only performing normal managerial functions but also with the development of new business opportunities and the development of employees to fill future managerial positions.


    Internship and Bursary Plan

    We have a bursary scheme for our employees and in the absence of internal candidates we employ students particularly from Technical Universities, during their practical semesters.


    Employment Equity

    We currently have 21 % woman and a 66 % HDSA participation in our management.