Platinum Group Metal and Base Metal Recovery

    Golden Pond 67 recovers and facilitates the refining of multiple forms of precious metal containing spent catalysts, concentrates, ashes, filter cakes, solutions and sludge. The materials may contain platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, gold, silver and/or rhenium. The precious metal content of the materials range from less than 20 parts per million to more than 3.5%.

    Golden Pond 67 is able to process these types of materials because of its in-house facilities and long standing relationships with precious metal refineries located on two continents.

    Depending on client’s requirements, Golden Pond 67 offers the option of either:

    • Outright purchase of PGM bearing material
    • Recovery and refining of precious metal bearing material and returning┬ámetals recovered to our clients