Golden Pond Trading 67(Pty) Ltd (“Golden Pond 67″) is a debt free Black Economically Empowered privately owned company. The company was founded in 2004 and registered during July of the same year. The company operates from premises located in Florida, Gauteng, South Africa.

Golden Pond 67 was founded to exploit opportunities identified in the fields of recovering metal values from waste and complex materials and the production of specialized metal chemicals. The exploitation of opportunities identified was made possible by the extensive knowledge of the founders in the field of metals and mineral processing, comprised of not only formal education in the field but some 80 years combined technical and administrative experience making the members undisputed leaders in the field. In addition the founding members also had access to state of the art production, research and development and analytical facilities.

Initially the company focussed on the recovery of copper, nickel and cobalt from waste products and the production of a range of metal oxides used in the production of stainless steel and ceramic pigments. Since 2005, Golden Pond 67 expanded its operation to facilitate the recovery and refining of precious metals from waste and complex materials.